Tiger Text Secure Texting for Lab and Radiology Results


Tiger Text Secure Texting

Tiger Text secure texting is an application that has been integrated with Cerner. Physicians are currently using this app on their smart phones to be notified of exam reports and test results.

When a physician submits an order requisition they can indicate in writing that they would like to get texted results by choosing: “Tiger Text Me Results” or “Copy Tiger Text Results to name“, which is the name of another physician to receive the results.

When the order is received, the scheduler needs to check the “Tiger Text Me Results” box or fill in the name of another physician that they would like the results to be sent to and the rest of the process is automated. When the test is completed and the results are available, the system will automatically and securely send the results to the physician(s).

Laboratory and Radiology Tests

Radiology Tiger Text

When a physician orders a Lab or Radiology Test in Cerner, they can indicate if they want to receive the Tiger Text secure texting results immediately through Tiger Text. All they need to do is check the “Tiger Text Me” box or enter the name of another whom they would like to send the results.

When the test is completed, the system does the rest and securely sends the results to the physician’s smart phone!

Prerequisites to use Tiger Text Secure Texting:

  • Physician must have Tiger Text provisioned through Waterbury Hospital to be eligible
  • Physician has to choose to have the results sent to them
  • Lab and radiology staff do not need to be on Tiger Text for this to work
  • For outpatients, the physician has to clearly indicate in writing that they want to receive the results this way for each new order
  • Messages expire after two days if they are read or not
  • Radiology results will provide a link to PACS but not directly to the image
  • Critical Results still require s phone call

Here are two examples of what a Radiology Tiger Text result looks like:

Radiology Tiger Text Example Laboratory Tiger Text Example

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