MRI Knee Scan – High Definition Orthopedic Imaging

The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan is useful as an exploratory yet non-invasive diagnostic imaging tool. Although comparable in some ways to an x-ray, the MRI doesn’t use radiation or have the dangers associated with such. Further, the MRI produces the equivalent of a three dimensional image with its use of slices, showing different levels of the area being viewed and in three planes.

MRI Knee Scan – Why, How, What, and When

Why it Is Used

An MRI would be used to scan a knee because of its ability to view the cartilage, tendons and ligaments in addition to the bone structure. In some cases, a knee injury is the result of a tiny bone fracture that wouldn’t show up in a typical x-ray. However, often knee pain is a result of injury that doesn’t involve the bone and therefore a thorough exam of the entire area is a more appropriate diagnostic tool.

How the Scan Is Done

For the patient, the MRI is a fairly simple procedure. You simply remove any jewelry or metal items, typically changing into a hospital gown. Then it’s a simple matter of remaining still throughout the procedure. If anxiety is anticipated, discuss with your doctor and the imaging staff as they have methods to help you relax. For a knee scan, normally your legs will be in the machine and your head and upper body will be outside the magnet.

What Types of Images Are Produced
The doctor will be able to see digital image slices of your knee at different depths in order to have a three dimensional image of the joint and surrounding tissue. The radiologist will be able to tell what types of injuries may exist such as damage to the ligaments and support structures of the knee joint.

When Is It Ordered

The MRI knee scan is likely to be ordered to diagnose the cause of knee pain. It may be a follow up procedure after an inconclusive or abnormal x-ray of the knee, or if fluid buildup is suspected and to determine extent/size of any tears. The MRI knee scan is nothing to be afraid of, in fact, it’s something to look forward to if you’ve had knee pain as the first step toward finding the problem and subsequent treatment.
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