Where You Go for Pediatric MRI Matters

Pediatric MRI

Our compassionate staff at Greater Waterbury Imaging Center helps our youngest patients through the pediatric MRI examination experience.

We understand that an MRI can be a scary event for both our young patients and their parents or guardians.  At Greater Waterbury Imaging Center, we take extra steps to care for pediatric patients, including:

  • Slowing down and taking time to explain the exam
  • Staying in communication throughout the exam process
  • Offering small comforts such as a warm blanket
  • Allowing parents in the MRI suite during the exam

Pediatric MRISince an MRI does not use radiation, there is no radiation for your child.

After the Exam:

  1. Images are sent to one of our radiologists who is a medical doctor who specializes in analyzing images from the MR exam.
  2. The radiologist prepares and sends a diagnostic report to the referring provider.
  3. Your provider will contact you to discuss the results.