When is Breast MRI Indicated for Diagnostic Imaging?

One of the most common cancers affecting women in the world today is breast cancer. When detected early, the overall survival rate is high. X-ray mammography is the diagnostic tool of choice to screen for this cancer, which uses radiation in small doses delivered to the breasts to produce images that help point out the absence or presence of disease. However, there may be times when magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and specifically breast MRI is indicated to evaluate the breast tissue in greater detail:

  • Screening for women at high risk for breast cancer
  • Detailed evaluation of the breast after a diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Further assessing abnormalities in the breast when mammography and ultrasound do not give definitive results
  • Evaluating the breast after cancer treatment
  • Evaluation of breast implants
  • Providing guidance imaging for breast biopsies

Breast MRI makes use of radio frequency waves, a large powerful magnet and sophisticated computer technology to produce images of the breast in three dimensions. Before the test, a contrast dye may be injected in a vein as it helps the doctor to see the abnormality more clearly. As the dye may affect the function of the kidneys, the doctor performs a test on the kidneys before the solution is given to ensure that they are not affected.

The Benefits of Breast MRI and Where to Get Scanned

The benefits of Breast MRI are:

  • It is not invasive
  • MRI can be an additional screening tool after mammography for women who are at higher risk of getting breast cancer
  • MRI can image successfully dense breast tissue and implants which are hard to image using mammography

The best place to have the MRI done is:

  • Facilities that have MRI machines that have been designed specifically for breast imaging
  • Facilities that have the ability to perform breast biopsies that are MRI-guided

After the breast MRI is complete, trained radiologists interpret the results and they will send the report to your doctor.

Breast MRI

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