Celebrating Waterbury Hospital Anniversary: 125 Years of Caring

Plans are underway to host a community celebration to commemorate Waterbury Hospital’s 125th Anniversary!  Hospital personnel are busy working on an August 27 event for our employees, volunteers, elected representatives, and community members.  Stay tuned for details!

Greater Waterbury Imaging Center began its relationship with Waterbury Hospital 26 years ago when the hospital partnered with Link Scientific to purchase the MRI equipment  and provide services for the Greater Waterbury Area.  Greater Waterbury Imaging Center initially had a MRI machine and a CT (Computed Tomography) scanner.  Over the years, the CT scanner was replaced with an open  MRI and today we have two high-resolution scanners: a 1.5T 450W  MRI machine and a 1.5T HDx Echospeed MRI.  Take a look at our video of the center imaging suites to learn all about how we provide exemplary imaging services for the greater Waterbury community.