MRI Cervical Spine or Neck Imaging at GWIC

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a powerful diagnostic imaging tool that can accurately show internal structures and tissues in the body using radio frequency waves and a powerful magnet. In effect, it’s a non-invasive, radiation-free way to get detailed images of the internal structures of your body. This makes it one of the best diagnostic tools for a wide range of internal issues, including diagnosing damage or deformity within your cervical spine.

An MRI is the only way to show your entire cervical spine, including soft tissue, intervertebral discs, and nerve fibers. It can even pinpoint areas with abnormal fluid collection, such as from bleeding or edema within the intervertebral discs.

MRI Cervical Spine Basics and What to Expect

Imaging the cervical spine with MRI is totally non-invasive. The process requires you to lie on a platform or table, which is then positioned in the magnet’s large opening or bore of the magnet. No metal can be in the machine so you will be screened for any metal on your person or for any implants, which may interfere with the image quality of the scan. Depending on the type of scan, the radiological technologist may administer an IV contrast agent. It takes several minutes to complete the scan, during which time you cannot move.

The images of your cervical spine are cross-sections of all structures, which can also be reconstructed to give radiologists a 3D look at the entire anatomy of your spine, including the visualization of your spinal nerves. These high-definition “slices” make it easy to see tiny tumors, pinched nerves, and other issues that are virtually impossible to detect with other diagnostic tests.

Your doctor may order an MRI if you have neck pain, numbness, or unexplained persistent tingling in your neck or arms. It is a common procedure after trauma to the neck in order to assess any damage, and is also used to help determine the cause of unexplained pain. Thanks to MRI, cervical spine issues that otherwise would be difficult to diagnose can be comprehensively evaluated non-invasively.

Greater Waterbury Imaging Center specializes in MRI scans for patients in the greater Waterbury, CT area. For people who have claustrophobia, the scanner at Greater Waterbury Imaging Center is a wide-open bore magnet. We are committed to providing you with easy access to care, a comfortable exam and fast, accurate results. Physicians and patients throughout our community depend on us to provide exceptional MRI services. GWIC is located on the campus of Waterbury Hospital, adjacent to the Emergency Department. We have our own private, gated parking area for the convenience of our patients. If you are looking for an experienced and professional facility to have your MRI Cervical Spine scan, contact us for more information or to set up an appointment for your patients, call 203-573-7674.