Summer is quickly approaching, and many of us are planning to be outside and more physically active. During May, we recognize National Physical Fitness and Sports Month along with Older Americans Month (OAM). An active and healthy lifestyle has so many health benefits and is important to your overall well-being regardless of age.

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Each May, the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion raises awareness surrounding all the benefits of staying physically active. There are numerous resources available that provide interactive planners and strategies to help encourage communities to stay active.

The public can utilize the Move Your Way® community resources to find a vast amount of information, such as videos, posters, and interactive tools. You will also find:

  • Campaign Materials – detailing how to get started and specific activity recommendations for each age group, from teens to older adults, expectant mothers, parents, and more. Fact sheets are available as a tool to promote health and wellness in children and adults.
  • Community Playbook – informs you on how to get started by developing a plan and strategy for your community. The playbook will help guide you during each step of the process, starting with identifying your goals, setting priorities, and using metrics to measure and track the success of your program.
  • Partner Promotion Toolkit – includes pledge sheets, tips for a successful event, planners and calendars, ways to promote on social media, and more.

Marketing and promotional materials are available and can be used to cultivate partnerships in the community, plan a launch event, and increase the number of participants. You will also find tips and tricks that will assist you in maximizing the benefits of being active and living a healthy lifestyle, including testimonials from members who have participated in the program.

The Move Your Way® Activity Planner is a great way to get motivated and stay accountable to your physical fitness goals.

Older Americans Month

The month of May also brings awareness to the aging experience for older adults and what can be done to ensure we remain independent for as long as possible as we get older. The Administration for Community Living leads the way in observing Older Americans Month (OAM). The theme for 2023 is Aging Unbound and looks to fight the stereotypes of aging as a community.

Staying physically active is especially important as we get older and promotes many health benefits. Doing everyday tasks such as shopping, household chores, or even looking after grandchildren promotes physical activity that provides health benefits such as less pain, lower risk for diseases, and stimulating a better mood.

As we age, physical activity is vital to maintaining our health and independence. Not only does it improve our brain health, assist in weight management, and lower our risk for cardiovascular disease and some cancers, but it also works to strengthen our muscles and bones.

As we age, we can begin to lose muscle mass and strength if we are not doing activities that promote muscle and bone strengthening, such as walking or lifting weights. Our bones and muscles support our body and allow us to move, so keeping these healthy is vital to our independence as we get older.

The types of physical activity for teens and young adults are different than what is recommended for older generations. Learn about activity ideas through Move Your Way® for Older Adults that are tailored to meet the needs of our older community members while promoting many key health benefits.

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