Reason For Exam
(MR Knee wo Left) L knee pain. injury a few days ago,
HISTORY: L knee pain. injury a few days ago, quad tendon rupture
TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar images of the left knee were obtained
without IV contrast.
ACL: The anterior cruciate ligament is intact. PCL: The posterior cruciate ligament is intact. MCL: The medial collateral ligament is intact. LCL: The lateral collateral ligament is normal.
Medial Meniscus: There is a complex tear along the anterior horn of the medial meniscus. Anterior horn is displaced anteriorly.
Lateral Meniscus: The lateral meniscus is intact.
BONES: There are mild degenerative changes of the medial compartment with partial thickness loss of articular surface cartilage along the medial femoral condyle. The patellofemoral joint appears normal.
SOFT TISSUES: There is mild thickening with abnormal signal in the distal quadriceps tendon consistent with a small partial tear. No tendon rupture or retraction. The patellar tendon is intact and is normal in signal. There is mild edema in the distal vastus medialis and lateralis muscles. There is a medial plica. There is a small to moderate size joint effusion.
IMPRESSION: Small partial tear of the distal quadriceps tendon. The patellar tendon is intact. Mild muscle strains of the distal vastus medialis and lateralis muscles.  Small complex medial meniscal tear along the anterior horn. No ligamentous injury. Small to moderate-sized joint effusion.