TECHNIQUE:  Multiplanar images of the pelvis were obtained at 1.5 Tesla prior to and following administration of 15 mL of Dotarem intravenous contrast.


Uterus:  the uterus is normal in size. There is an IUD in place. A cesarean section scar involves the lower uterine segment anteriorly. There are several tiny sub- centimeter fibroids of the uterine fundus.

Endometrium: the endometrium is normal in thickness.

Ovaries: the ovaries appear normal. No masses or pathologic cysts are seen.

Urinary bladder: the urinary bladder appears normal, without stones or wall thickening.

Abdominal wall: no abdominal wall or inguinal hernia is seen.

Lymphatics: no pelvic lymphadenopathy is present.

Bones: the bones appear unremarkable.

Soft Tissues: There are multiple poorly enhancing soft tissue masses scattered within the gluteal, adductor and quadriceps muscles bilaterally, consistent with neurofibromas. There are additional bilateral neuromas tracking along the lower lumbar and sacral nerve roots bilaterally, resulting in ectasia of their neural foramina bilaterally. There is a large 5 cm mass in the right sciatic notch, along the course of the right sciatic nerve.   A smaller similar 2 cm  mass is present in the left pelvis.


Multiple neurofibromas are scattered throughout the musculature of the pelvis and proximal thighs, with additional fibromas tracking along all of the lower lumbar and sacral nerve roots bilaterally.  5 cm mass at the level of the right sciatic notch is consistent with another fibroma parallel to the course of the right sciatic nerve.  Smaller similar 2 cm mass in the left pelvis.