HISTORY: Pregnant, Covid, Severe headache, R/O venous thrombosis
TECHNIQUE: MR venogram was performed without intravenous contrast at 1.5 Tesla using time-of-flight technique. 3-D/MIPS reformatted images of the venogram were obtained.

There is a decreased signal centrally within the majority of the dural venous sinus system and involving the visible jugular veins, favored to represent flow related artifact. There is a sparing of this finding in the straight sinus and the distal transverse/sigmoid sinuses, notably of lesser caliber than the remainder of the dural venous sinus system. There is similar decreased signal centrally within some arterial structures including the internal carotid arteries at the skull base. No focal asymmetric or peripheral filling defects to suggest focal venous sinus thrombosis. The superficial cerebral veins appear within normal limits for symmetry.

No convincing evidence of focal filling defects to suggest dural venous sinus thrombosis. There is extensive decreased signal within a large part of the dural venous sinus system and including the visible jugular veins, which is favored to be related to flow related phenomenon/artifact over the diffuse dural venous sinus thrombosis. If concern for dural venous sinus thrombosis persists, consider CT venogram for further evaluation.