Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month is recognized in August, which raises awareness of vision problems found in children as they head back to school. Children with healthy vision are more productive in school, have increased learning ability, and help ensure they reach developmental milestones. Taking care of your eyes through regular checkups is vital to safeguarding your child’s vision as they develop.

Visiting your optometrist and having regular vision screenings and procedures can help with:

  • Identifying vision impairments in children
  • Educating parents on the significance of following the guidance given by their eye care professional
  • Informing parents of the importance of attending all diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up appointments for their child

Long-Term Impact of Vision Disorders

Children who suffer from vision disorders or impairments can easily fall behind in their classwork, start to manifest behavior issues while in school, fall behind on hitting developmental milestones, or, worst case, suffer from permanent blindness or vision loss.

It is reported that a staggering 1 in 17 pre-K-aged children have a vision disorder that is either undiagnosed or untreated. This can cause children to become self-conscious when they are not able to keep up with their schoolwork.

The Effects of Screen Time 

Many parents have become increasingly concerned over the amount of time their children spend on tablets, cell phones, and computers. One issue is that many schools now utilize tablets and Chromebooks as part of everyday learning. When you add that to the time children spend on these devices for social connection and interactive play, such as gaming or reading, children can inadvertently cause new vision symptoms or cause undiagnosed eye problems to become worse.

Parents can help decrease the impact on their child’s vision from digital devices by having set time limits that children are allowed to be on their devices after school.

Financial Assistance for Eye Health can provide several resources to assist your family with the cost of maintaining healthy vision care.

Greater Waterbury Imaging Center (GWIC) is committed to helping patients with their eye health and offers Ophthalmic MR imaging services.  Remember to regularly see your eye doctor regularly.  The best way to prevent, diagnose, and treat vision issues is through regular eye exams.

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