June is National Safety Month and a good time to remind everyone that injuries are the leading cause of death for all people in the United States ages 1 – 44. Learning more about preventing accidents and injuries could help to save a life. Share these important safety tips with your friends and loved ones and let’s work together to prevent:

  • Poisonings
  • Transportation accidents
  • Slips and falls

It is easy to take simple steps to reduce or prevent serious injuries and accidents when you are aware of the potential dangers.

Learn How to Prevent Poisonings

Someone can be poisoned from many different items such as various cleaning products or prescription medication. Prescription medicine is one of the most commonly misused substances among Americans over the age of 14. You can help prevent misuse by discarding out of date medication and keeping it safely away from children.

Accidental ingestion of prescription medication may cause mild side effects or something more serious. Taking medication that was not prescribed for you may cause damage to your liver or could even be deadly. Prevent poisonings from medication by:

  • Carefully following the directions on the label
  • Ask questions of your pharmacist or physician if there is anything that you do not understand
  • Store all medication in a cool, dry area where pets or children cannot access them
  • Keep a list of all your medication including vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Share your list with your doctor during your next checkup
  • Keep the phone number to the Poison Control Center handy and add it to your cell phone: (1-800-222-1222)

Prevent Transportation Accidents

Stay alert and avoid distractions while driving to reduce your chance of having a serious or fatal car accident. Distracted driving from things like eating, texting or talking on a cell phone is the cause of many accidents resulting in injury or death. Many states enforce laws which ban the use of hand-held cell phones either for all drivers, novice drivers or school bus drivers. Text messaging is banned in 48 states, the US Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico and is a primary enforcement law all but 3 of those states.

A primary enforcement law means that a driver may be cited for that violation alone without any other traffic offense occurring. Visit the Governor’s Highway Safety Association to learn the laws in your state and make a commitment to avoid distracted driving. In addition to highway safety, be sure to wear protective gear while riding a motorcycle and teach your children safe bicycling habits. Never ride a motorcycle or bicycle on any street without a helmet.

Tips to Prevent Slips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls cause broken bones or head injuries in more than 25% of older adults each year. Follow these steps to prevent slips and falls and help your loved ones to do the same:

  • Stay active as physical activity will improve your balance, make you stronger and help to prevent falls
  • Have your vision checked regularly at least every 1 to 2 years
  • Review your medications for any that could make you dizzy or sleepy
  • Protect yourself at home by putting nonslip mats in your shower or tub, install handrails on each side of stairways and keep walking paths clear
  • Keep a phone nearby in case of emergency

Following these tips will help to keep you safe whether you are at home or away. Learn more about safety by taking a class from your local Red Cross. Grab a friend and take a refresher course on first aid or CPR, enroll your teenager in a babysitting class or take the young ones to a swimming class. Learning can be fun and you never know when these skills may save your life or the life of someone you love.

Greater Waterbury Imaging Center cares about your health and safety and encourages you to share this information during National Safety Month. We offer MR imaging services from experienced technologists in a caring, compassionate environment. Stay safe and remember to contact us for all your MR imaging needs.