August 9th through the 15th is a time to celebrate the mission and accomplishments of health centers across the United States with National Health Center Week.

The goal is to raise awareness of the strength, services, love and care these health centers provide to their communities. Community health centers light the way for healthier communities, today and in the future.

GWIC Strives to be a Beacon of Light to Our Community

GWIC strives to be a beacon of light to our community through caring support of patients experiencing health concerns. Physicians have confidence in our MRI services that provide fast and accurate results while showing compassion to their patients.

Community health centers are the key to promoting access to healthcare to all people in their communities dealing with medical issues, pain and loss. This year, National Health Center Week has significant meaning to all health care workers providing love and support to others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to give thanks to all those serving the health needs of others and remind every health care superhero to take some time for self-care.  Here are some great resources for self-care we hope you check out with links to meditation videos, yoga, nutrition and specially selected music to provide relaxation and inspiration.

Greater Waterbury Imaging Center offers specialized MRI services including neurological and cardiac MR imaging services. We also provide solutions for those patients experiencing claustrophobia during MRI services. Contact us for exceptional service during all your MR imaging needs.