September is Healthy Aging® Month, and a good time for all adults to think about their overall health including physical, social, mental health and financial wellness. It is never too late to “re-invent” yourself, to find a new hobby, a passion, a new sport or even a new career. Also more than ever, now is the time to do more traveling.

Carolyn Worthington is the editor-in-chief of Healthy Aging® Magazine, and the creator of September is Healthy Aging® Month, started more than 20 years ago as an annual health observance. The focus of September is Healthy Aging® Month is to raise national attention to the positive aspects of growing older and provide inspiration for people ages 45 and older to improve their overall well-being.

The population of people over the age of 45 is growing each year, with millions of Generation Xers reaching the milestone of their 50th birthday in recent years. There are more than 82.1 million Gen Xers along with 76 million baby boomers all focused on staying vibrant and active as they age. Healthy Aging Month aims to give motivation along with practical ideas for adults over the age of 45 to take stock of where they’ve been and think about what they would do if money was not an object.

September is a good time to consider taking on a positive attitude with new tasks as people move out of summer activities and young people head back to school.

Tips to Optimize Your Life with Healthy Aging Habits

People who begin to develop healthy habits at a young age help to prevent their risks for developing diseases as they grow older while boosting energy levels and improving mental and physical health. Healthy lifestyle choices are crucial as we grow older. Here are some of the best tips to follow to develop and maintain healthy habits as we age:

1) Take Care of Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and it becomes even more valuable to take care of your skin as you age. Your skin can change as you grow older and you may develop new issues with your skin such as age spots, wrinkles, skin cancer, skin tags, bruising or itchy skin. You can protect and take care of your skin by practicing the following tips:

• Wear sunscreen
• Wash your face
• Exfoliate
• Wear eye cream
• Get enough sleep

2) Smile More!

People who smile more are most often happier people. Taking care of your oral health is important to having a healthy smile. See your dentist regularly and consider teeth whitening to brighten your smile.

3) Take Regular Walks

Walking regularly is good for your physical and mental health. Take a stroll around your neighborhood and say hello to your neighbors. If you have a dog to walk, this is great exercise for you and your pet and a good way to start a conversation with your neighbors about your pet or theirs.

4) See Your Doctor for Regular Health Screenings

Be sure to set up your regular or annual health screenings and speak with your physician about anything that concerns you such as beginning a new exercise program.

5) Take Art or Music Lessons

It is never too late to take some new lessons such as painting or instrument classes. If you have always wanted to learn how to play a certain instrument, why not enroll in a class? You may have an inner artist inside you that you were not aware of until you start painting. Do what you love and what makes you happy, but don’t be afraid to try something new.

6) Keep a Positive Attitude

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay positive if we are lonely, feel out of shape or just not feeling like ourselves. Take steps to make yourself feel better and start with a positive attitude. Staying positive in your actions and conversations daily will get easier and become the norm which can change your life. Catch yourself if you start to complain and change the conversation to something positive. It is also helpful to surround yourself with positive people and do not let negativity from others affect your outlook.

7) Don’t Act Your Age

Growing up, we often hear people say that someone should “act their age” or someone is not “acting their age”. Well now is the time to get away with not acting your age! If you haven’t been feeling like yourself, remember an age that was the best time of your life and act like that age. Remember your energy and attitude during that time and regain that same positive feeling.

It is absolutely possible to grow old gracefully, with health and happiness and a positive attitude. Take steps now to get in touch with the things that make you happy and practice healthy daily living to enjoy your golden years to the fullest.

Greater Waterbury Imaging Center cares about your health and well-being, no matter what age you are. We encourage everyone to practice healthy habits now and as you get older. Contact us for all your MR imaging needs for friendly and professional MR imaging services.