Smith and Nephew VISIONAIRE™ Patient Matched Instrumentation

Greater Waterbury Imaging Center is a certified Magnetic Resonance imaging center for providing special MR images of the knee anatomy for patients who will be undergoing knee joint replacement and will be using the Smith and Nephew VISIONAIRE™ Patient Matched Instrumentation. Certification is required because the specific methodology for acquiring the images is critical to the success of the patient’s surgery.  The VISIONAIRE™ patient-specific product requires MRI and X-Ray images to create a custom knee part for knee arthroplasty designed for that specific patient.  For more information on the benefits for the patient and the surgeon, please visit this webpage on our website and for detailed information about the VISIONAIRE™ Patient Matched Instrumentation, please visit their website.

Smith and Nephew Visionaire Custom Cutting Blocks Images Courtesy of Visionaire Smith and Nephew