Visionaire Cutting Block Imaging Requirements and Image Quality

Greater Waterbury Imaging Center is certified to provide Magnetic Resonance images of the knee to make the custom Visionaire Cutting Block for a specific patient.   The precision of the images is critical to the success of the patient’s surgery and we therefore follow specific requirements and protocols to acquire the images and the following image quality checklist:

Imaging Center Requirements

Imaging center requirements to provide high quality knee images to customize the Visionaire product for the patient’s unique anatomy is summarized as follows (images provided courtesy of Visionaire Patient Matched Instrumentation by Smith & Nephew, Inc.):


  • Dedicated knee coil for best image quality
  • Extreme care is taken to avoid patient motion
  • Correct orientation of the knee images using axial, sagittal and coronal localizers
  • Visionaire Cutting BlockCoverage of the entire bone
  • Evaluate for metal to avoid metallic artifacts
  • Distortion correction

Image Quality Checklist Summary:

  • The knee should be centered in the field of view (FOV)
  • No motion on the image will be accepted
  • The left or right offset of the acquired image as approved for our scanner
  • 3D distortion correction filters must be applied
  • The signal to noise must visualize on all slices the cortical bone edge, the cartilage edge and the cartilage interface between the femoral and tibial cartilage
  • The required resolution is shown on the images supplied
  • The scan must cover the entire bony knee.

Click here to read the detailed information on requirements and the image quality checklist.

For more information on the VISIONAIRE™ Cutting Blocks and the requirements for the imaging center please visit the Smith & Nephew website.