MRI Safety During Pregnancy

MRI Safety During PregnancyThere is a good reason for your doctor to request an MRI during pregnancy. If there is a concern for the health and safety of the mother that cannot wait to be addressed until after delivery, an MRI may be the best method to diagnose and treat a condition.

The method of choice for performing tests on pregnant women is an ultrasound because it is safe and does not use x-ray, but rather sound waves. An ultrasound usually focuses on the health of the baby, however, and when more information is needed an MRI may be requested. An MRI also does not use x-ray, but rather a powerful magnet with radio waves.

All studies to date show that an MRI is safe during pregnancy. Thousands of women have had MRIs with no adverse reactions. An MRI without contrast agent is usually performed during pregnancy. You should speak with your doctor about the risks and benefits of using a contrast agent if it is suggested.

Your doctor will explain the need for an MRI during pregnancy. MRI during pregnancy has long been used to diagnose and evaluate conditions of the mother, or the fetus when an ultrasound is not adequate.

The health of the mother is the most important factor to support a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.  See our full case study on MRI study of the abdomen during pregnancy.

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