MRI Of the Chest

HISTORY:  Soft Tissue Mass – Leff Trapezius Muscle


Multiplanar images of the chest were obatined at 1.5 Tesla prior to and following administration of IV contrast.

CONTRAST:  8 mL of Gadavist Intravenous contrast.


There is a fat-containing nonenhancing lesion along the posterior left trapezius muscle medially measuring 2.5 x 1.8 x 1.2 cm. This lesion is isointense to subcutaneous fat all sequences, and demonstrates no enhancement. A few of the muscle fibers of the left trapezius muscle course through this lesion. There is no intrinsic or adjacent soft tissue enhancement. Findings are most consistent with a benign lipoma. No additional soft tissue lesion is seen. Visualized lungs are clear. The thyroid gland appears normal. There is no mediastinal adenopathy.

IMPRESSION: Findings consistent with a benign lipoma in the left trapezius muscle.

mri of the chest

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